Introduction to process science and data science as a basis for process mining [diffusion course]

From February 8 to 12, 2021, we offered our first process mining course to an external audience. We offered the course within the Summer Program, of the Commission for Culture and Extension of EACH-USP, in the diffusion format, instituted by the USP’s Office of Culture and Extension. Dissemination courses are offered by USP professors/researchers to the community in general.

There were 20 hours of classes, including demonstrations and exercises, on business process management (BPM), artificial intelligence, data mining, and mainly process mining. A very intensive course, which we believe has fulfilled its aim of presenting the key concepts necessary for the advancement of research and practices in process mining.

Throughout this year, the Process Mining @ USP group will continue the work of training human resources in process mining, besides maintaining research efforts in this area. If you are interested in this subject, follow up our announcements on LinkedIn (Sara/Marcelo) or, from time to time, visit our website here.

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