• Process mining for judicial performance
    A brief article on Process mining for judicial performance (in Portuguese) has just been posted on the Everflow blog, which publishes the latest news about the Everflow process mining tool. The article presents the treatment of judicial processes within the courts of justice as an emerging application area for process
  • Iguassu Valley is also looking at process mining
    On May 6, the research group Process Mining @ USP met with the group Iguassu Valley, an initiative based in Western Paraná (Brazil). Thais Rodrigues Neubauer, PhD student at USP, gave a lecture in which she introduced the concepts of process mining in practice, using the Celonis EMS (Execution Management
  • Webinar: Celonis x USP
    On April 19th, 2021, Josephine Hubert and Prof. Dr. Sarajane M. Peres held a webinar to talk about their joint work which aims to disseminate the culture of process mining in Brazil. Celonis and USP, represented by them, have endeavored to allow people to get closer to process mining and
  • Process mining: When data science meets process science
    Prof. Dr. Marcelo Fantinato, one of the leaders of the Process Mining @ USP research group, was invited to give a talk on process mining to Loggi employees. The talk took place on April 7, 2021, in a virtual environment, given the restrictions imposed by the pandemic that we have
  • What is mining process? What is process mining for?
    What is mining process? What is process mining for? That was the motif of the Prof. Dr. Sarajane Marques Peres’ online lecture that occurred in the series of seminars of the Graduate Program in Computer Science at Unioeste (Universidade Estadual do Oeste do Paraná), on March 15, 2021. Dr. Peres
  • Process mining for legal compliance
    Migalhas/UOL, a recognized Brazilian provider of news and scientific content in the legal area, has just published a scientific dissemination article on Process mining for legal compliance (in Portuguese) authored by research group Process Mining @ USP’s researchers Adriana Unger, Marcelo Fantinato and Sarajane Marques Peres. The article was published
  • Academia, Navy, Industry, and Process Mining
    On March 11, the research group Process Mining @ USP was represented by Prof. Dr. Sarajane Marques Peres in the Executive Program for Online Immersion in Process Innovation, promoted by Blueprintt. The program is an exclusive event in which successful practices, proven tips, and common mistakes are discussed by leaders
  • Introduction to process science and data science as a basis for process mining [diffusion course]
    From February 8 to 12, 2021, we offered our first process mining course to an external audience. We offered the course within the Summer Program, of the Commission for Culture and Extension of EACH-USP, in the diffusion format, instituted by the USP’s Office of Culture and Extension. Dissemination courses are
  • Acceptance and presentation of our study on HICSS 2021
    The Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS) is a conference with over 50 years of history and about 19.000 publications. HICSS hosts topics such as data mining for business, decision support for smart cities, digital innovation, among others. Master student Esther Rojas, PhD student Ana Cárdenas, and BSc Juliana
  • Celonis Academic Alliance is creating opportunities…
    Celonis has contributed with great commitment to train human resources in process mining. Actions promoted by Celonis have been helped us to draw the attention of EACH-USP’s undergraduate and graduate students, showing them great opportunities for specialization in this area. We are associated with the Celonis Academic Alliance program, so
  • Thinking about and discussing …. academia + industry
    We are aligned with the thinking of our partners. Professor Lucineia Heloisa Thom (UFRGS) is co-chair of the AMISE’21 workshop – a workshop that aims to analyze the synergy between academia and industry. We will collaborate with this initiative. See details below. After the successful performance of the First Workshop
  • On stage… academia and industry!
    We held our first webinar, at the invitation of Kleber Stroeh, CEO of Everflow! On October 29, 2020, we held a webinar to promote the concept of Process Mining. The goal was to introduce the basic concepts that support the research and development in this area, as well as to
  • Academy and industry – the perfect union
    The integration of academia and industry creates the perfect synergy for learning, advancing science and technological development. This was our motivation to insert the process mining industry in the context of the process mining course we taught in the second half of 2020. The first participation was from Celonis: Josephine
    On late July, Adriana Unger and Thais Neubauer, members of Process Mining research group @ USP, have achieved the Celonis Analyst and Celonis Data Engineer certifications, after being successfully approved in Celonis Certification Exams. Thais is MSc in Information Systems at EACH-USP and Adriana is MSc in Production Engineering at
  • Process Mining course in PPgSI
    Process Mining course was launched this semester! Classes began on August 20, 2020, with 49 students enrolled.  The course was designed to address aspects of immediate application of process mining and cutting-edge aspects. Our intention is to build a broad course, planned to cover both the academic and industrial views.
  • Spreading Process Mining
    Following the group efforts to spread Process Mining out, we have recently published a short article introducing Process Mining in SBC Horizontes magazine. The magazine is runned by the Brazilian Computing Society (SBC) and aims to promoting the dissemination and popularization of teaching, science and technology related to Computing in
  • Process Mining course – PPgSI-EACH-USP
    In the second half of 2020, professors Dr. Marcelo Fantinato and Dr. Sarajane Marques Peres will offer a process mining course, within the Graduate Program in Information Systems – PPgSI, with the following aims: Enabling the student to: identify application contexts for process mining; identify the most appropriate techniques, methods
  • Oportunity – Special Issue on Business Process Management
    Here is a great opportunity to show your research on Process Mining. This is a special issue in Business Process Management with a comprehensive scope. Among the topics of interest is “Process Mining”. The editor-in-chief of RITA – Revista de Informática Teórica e Aplicada – Prof. Dr. Márcio Dorn (UFRGS-Brazil)
  • Certifications – Celonis Analyst and Data Engineer
    April, 30: After several hours of intense studying and practicing, MSc Alexandre G. L. Fernandes obtained the two technical certifications created by Celonis on their Process Mining tool, the IBC Plaftorm (Intelligent Business Cloud). Recipients of the Analyst Certification are able to undergo process discovery, build target-oriented analyses, set up
  • Acceptance – WTDSI
    The WTDSI is a workshop that comprises “works in progress” for master’s and PhD students. It takes place within the scope of the Brazilian Symposium on Information Systems (SBSI), an event under the seal of the Brazilian Computer Society (SBC). Master student Rafael G. de Sousa had his work selected
  • Master Defense – Interactive Trace Clustering
    On March 10, 2020, Thaís R. Neubauer defended her master’s thesis. Prof. Dr. Sarajane Marques Peres supervised her and Prof. Dr. Marcelo Fantinato was the co-supervisor. Thaís worked with interactive clustering applied to business process mining. In her thesis, she presented use cases for the constrained clustering algorithm Cop-K-Means, discussing
  • Meeting – EACH/USP – IC/Unicamp – Everflow Process Mining
    On February 20, 2020, the master student Esther Rojas and Prof. Dr. Sarajane M. Peres attended a meeting at the University of Campinas (Unicamp) with a group that works with Process Mining at Unicamp’s Institute of Computing (IC). Prof. Dr. Edmundo Roberto Mauro Madeira, MSc Kleber Stroeh (CEO of Everflow
  • Lecture – Coffee with Process Mining
    “Process mining: Data mining for discovering and improving business processes” was the title of the Prof. Dr. Marcelo Fantinato‘s lecture that occurred in the  I Semana de Gestão por Processos da UFABC (UFABC’s Process Management Week) — an event that took place at the Federal University of ABC on November
  • EPPC 2019
    On November 6, 2019, three master students from the “Process Mining @ USP” group presented their works at the III EPPC – Encontro Paulista de Pós-Graduação em Computação (Paulista Meeting of Graduate Studies in Computing). EPPC is a meeting in which the master’s and PhD programs’ members come together to
  • Master’s defense – Impact of non-fitting in process mining predictive task
    On October 07, Alexandre G. L. Fernandes defended his master’s thesis, which was supervised by Prof. Dr. Marcelo Fantinato and co-supervised by Prof. Dr. Sarajane Marques Peres. In this work, the presence of non-fitting cases in a testing dataset or online scenarios in a predictive task using process mining was
  • Best Presentation Award
    In 2019, Thais R. Neubauer presented her “work in progress” at the 6th PPgSI’s Dissertations Workshop and received the award for best presentation among the works of the Systems Inteligence research line. Thais presented the context of her work as follows: “Even good trace clustering results fail to discover useful
  • AWS-USP Cooperation
    Prof. Dr. José Reinaldo Silva (Poli-USP) is the coordinator of a project that aims at analyzing the use of cloud computing as a tool for research and teaching. This is a multidisciplinary project involving several subprojects from different schools at the University of São Paulo. The “Process Mining @ USP”