We are a group of researchers interested in the development of the Process Mining field, in Brazil. Our goal is to work on three fronts:

  • Research in process mining, with special interest in discovering process models, trace clustering and online process mining.
  • Use of computational intelligence tools to improve strategies for performing process mining tasks.
  • Development of human resources to promote the culture of process mining in Brazilian organizations.

This group is led by Dr. Sarajane Marques Peres and Dr. Marcelo Fantinato, both are associate professors at School of Arts, Sciences and Humanities – University of São Paulo (EACH-USP), in Brazil.

The studies of this group started in 2013, with the work developed by Ana R. C. Maita, who was developing her master’s thesis. After Ana R. C. Maita, the group received other students who developed their works using artificial neural networks, evolutionary computing, clustering techniques, attribute selection tecniques etc.

Prof. Peres and Prof. Fantinato acted as guest researchers in the research group of Prof. Hajo A. Reijers, during the second semester of 2019 (Vrije Universiteit – Amsterdam) and the first semester of 2020 (Utrecht Universiteit), in the Netherlands. During this sabbatical period, the leading professors of this research group improved their knowledge in the Process Mining field.