Process mining for judicial performance

A brief article on Process mining for judicial performance (in Portuguese) has just been posted on the Everflow blog, which publishes the latest news about the Everflow process mining tool. The article presents the treatment of judicial processes within the courts of justice as an emerging application area for process mining, since improvements in judicial productivity have direct impact, not only on the efficiency of the provision of jurisdictional services, but on the effective access to justice.

The article is authored by researchers from the research group Process Mining @ USP, who have been developing a research project on the application of process mining in the analsis of judicial data from a process-oriented perspective. As a result of this research, the paper “Process Mining-Enabled Jurimetrics: Analysis of a Brazilian Court’s Judicial Performance in the Business Law Processing” will be presented at the forthcoming 18th International Conference for Artificial Intelligence and Law (ICAIL’21). The paper presents a joint interdisciplinary research between the research group Process Mining @ USP and the Brazilian Jurimetrics Association on the treatment of business law at the Court of Justice of the State of São Paulo, Brazil.

The research on process mining for judicial performance is using the Everflow process mining tool to support performance diagnostics of judicial data.  EverFlow is a web-based tool with an intuitive design and predefined panels that help non-expert users to quickly gain insights into the process being analyzed.

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