Process mining for legal compliance

Migalhas/UOL, a recognized Brazilian provider of news and scientific content in the legal area, has just published a scientific dissemination article on Process mining for legal compliance (in Portuguese) authored by research group Process Mining @ USP’s researchers Adriana Unger, Marcelo Fantinato and Sarajane Marques Peres.

The article was published in the Migalhas’ section dedicated to data protection and describes an ongoing research project on the application of process mining to support the management of legal compliance with highly complex legislation, such as the data protection law. The article initially presents the basic concepts of the process mining area. The article then positions process mining-enabled conformance checking as the basis for a new paradigm for continuous monitoring of legal compliance.

This new paradigm can promote technologies capable of identifying, monitoring and even preventing and correcting, in real time, the occurrence of non-conformities. The ongoing research project aims to develop an approach to support legal compliance assessment based on a logical representation of legal rules as conformance requirements in normative business process models. Thus, this project involves integrating the process mining and computable law research areas.

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